System Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows
    Excel 2003+ is required for live quote importing to work, and Excel 2007+ is required for a Ribbon interface.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • The ability to install add-ins. There shouldn't be any problems unless macro security is set to high or you have a very restrictive policy regarding writing to your %AppData% folder.

Typical Installation

The follow instructions are for general users. If you're comfortable or even prone to compiling from source, see the section on compiling from source.

Grab the Latest Release

Download the latest zip file from the Downloads section of this repository. Unzip the files to a safe location.

Save to Add-in Directory

Choose one of the following methods:

Automatic: Run install.bat (closing Excel if prompted).

Run install.bat

Manual: Copy FinAnSu.xll to %AppData%\Microsoft\AddIns. (Note: You can type that into the Start Menu > Run... window or the location bar of any Folder Explorer window.)

Go to AppData

Register in Excel

If you've installed FinAnSu before and have it loaded as an add-in, this step is unnecessary.

Excel 2007+: Click Office Button > Excel Options... > Add-Ins. In the Manage: drop-down at the bottom, click Excel Add-ins and Go... . Place a checkmark next to FinAnSu.

Excel 2003-: Go to Tools > Add-Ins. Place a checkmark next to FinAnSu.

If FinAnSu doesn't appear, click Browse... and find the add-in in your file system. It's most likely in the first directory in the popup.

If you want to check the installation, open the Examples.xls spreadsheet. If the functions are returning values, you're all set!

Compiling from Source

Note that this will require .NET 4 and Ruby:

git clone git://
cd finansu
bundle update
git submodule init
git submodule update
rake build

Note that this will copy two files, FinAnSu_x86.xll and FinAnSu_x64.xll to your %AppData%\Microsoft\AddIns directory.